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May 08

365 Photo Challenge

I'm thinking about setting myself a photography challenge. It is not an uncommon one, called 365. You take a photo every day for a year. Often people do a single theme, such as self-portraits, or they do something very generic of just anything they see when they go about their day. I'm thinking something in-between. Each month gets a theme, means it won't get quite so stale for me and shouldn't get quite so dull and I can expand my creativity, but but having a theme means I do need to think more, and not just take random candids.

Current thoughts are:

  • Maia the Cat
  • self-portraits
  • The colour red (A 30 day month)
  • Strangers
  • Commuting
  • Computing
  • Alphabet (February)

    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who had done similar and their experiences. I'll be started in June, and posting the best from the month on the site. The complete year will become a book.

  • About the Author:
    A passionate photographer who is unable to settle on a particular type of photography. Primarily shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII, a 1D MKIII and occasionally with a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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