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Body Adornment - Amy Harding
Body Adornment - Amy Tall
Body Adornment - Kendra Lee
Body Adornment - Kendra Lee
Body Adornment - Amy Tall
Body Adornment - Amy Harding
Apr 17

Body Adornment

This was a meetup of the Alternative Photographer & Models Meetup Group.

Three models attended:

  • Amy Tall
  • Amy Harding
  • Kendra Lee

    Amy Tall is, as her name implies, extremely tall, very thin and very tattooed. She is very unusual to shoot as a model therefore.Amy Harding is much shorter and Kendra as a somewhat California girl look.

    There were two setups, a high key main setup using the White Infinity curve and a low key using a fairly simple barn door and a grey background,

    We shot all three models on both setups.

    Unfortunately the fourth booked model, a Drag King, was a no-show, which meant the days ran a little shorter than it should have

    The full Flickr set can be found here

  • About the Author:
    A passionate photographer who is unable to settle on a particular type of photography. Primarily shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII, a 1D MKIII and occasionally with a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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    Body Adornment - Amy HardingBody Adornment - Amy TallBody Adornment - Kendra LeeBody Adornment - Kendra LeeBody Adornment - Amy TallBody Adornment - Amy Harding