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Dec 06

Camera Number 5.....

Yesterday evening I won (or as some would say, won the right to pay the most money) for a Konica Minolta Dynax 40 35mm Film Camera. I'm not really a fan of film photography, I'm a digital kid at heart and appreciate the benefit of being able to see my shots and adjust them.

However, a potential trip around Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya will make charging batteries a challenge in the middle of the forest..... So, a quick ebay search found that old Konica's are cheap.

I picked up the camera for just over a hundred quid, which would be expensive for Body alone, but this little gem comes with the old Konica 25-100mm walkabout lens AND a Sigma 75-300mm 1:4 Macro lens! (and a bag too!) Its a bargain, the Sigma is GBP180.00 new.

Very pleased with my purchase.

About the Author:
A passionate photographer who is unable to settle on a particular type of photography. Primarily shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII, a 1D MKIII and occasionally with a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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