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Jan 10

Film cameras and Fisheye lenses

I took the opportunity of the bad weather cancelling one of my shoots to take a wander with my new film camera and the new f2.8 16mm fish eye lens. Whilst I'm not a particular fan of film, its quite limited compared to digital (more on this below) it is a full frame 35mm camera compared to the Sony and Konica dSLRs. This means that a 16mm is actually a 16mm rather than approximately 25mm.

Using a wide angle fish eye is an unusual experience, on more than one occasion I stumbled on an obstacle which seemed at a distance through the lens. It gives some very interesting effects and I've been pleased with some of the results. It is a 'trick' lens in some ways because it brings the expected curves of the fish eye to every shot. It does however lend itself to amazing landscapes. Although the lens opens up to a very fast 2.8, you really want to be at f9 or f11 to ensure a decent amount of clarity. I found some of the most interesting effects came from playing with artificial straight lines, such as walls, poles and framework.

Film cameras; this is my first use of a film camera in a long time, and whilst I enjoy using one, it is a very different experience. There is no screen on the back, and it quickly became clear I had developed a habit of viewing a photo immediate, and this tried to carry across. I spend too long looking at the tan back of my camera! As you only have 36 shots before changing, you have to plan a lot more, you have to think about how the image will come out, what the effect of the shutter speed and aperture will be rather than doing 'test shots' like you can with 16gigs of memory and a view screen.

Film photography is expensive, a three to five pounds for film, a tenner for development, it mounts up. There are negative scanners and I will have to invest in one to bring the shots into my digital portfolio.

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A passionate photographer who is unable to settle on a particular type of photography. Primarily shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII, a 1D MKIII and occasionally with a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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