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Dec 30

Final Observations - 2009

One of the first things I noticed when reviewing the last year, is a marked preference on my part for dual toned or muted colors. there are an abundance of sepia, black & white and generally low saturation images with only a handful with any vibrancy. Perhaps 2009, was a year of muted tones, or perhaps I simply prefer a subtle scene.

Several of the shots in this book have had a substantial amount of editing to reach the stage of being ready for publication and the difference between the RAW data and the final image is incredible. The vast majority of my work however is presented more or less as is. With minor tweaks to colour, tone and composition.

I've also seen that I have a marked preference for head shots or at least head and shoulder shots and I will need to try experimenting with wider shots giving more of the background and more subject to give more chance to tell a story.

In terms of lenses , I adore my Fixed prime 50mm and have since picked up a fixed 16mm fisheye to experiment with. The clarity of the images from a prime is unmatched by a zoom lens and brings something special to a shot. It is also good to be forced to think more about where you are standing. You have to move to frame the shop not zoom in and out.

I hope those of you who have read this have found it interesting. For me, it has been a very personal and very effective process. It has taken much longer than I expected and has evolved considerably but the results, to me, speak volummes about how I have changed, learned and improved.

I look forward to what is contained in the Portfolio 2010.

About the Author:
A passionate photographer who is unable to settle on a particular type of photography. Primarily shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII, a 1D MKIII and occasionally with a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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