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Jul 17

Hahnel Triad 30 Lite Professional Aluminium Alloy 4-Section Tripod

As you'll have noticed if you are a regular reader of these articles, I don't tend to shoot with a tripod much. Previously, I'd been using a very cheap fifteen pound tripod I'd picked up, but it was terrible, it was about a meter long even when folder up, heavy and could not cope with the weight of my Mark III and lenses.....

Somewhat unfortunately, that particular tripod was lost in the middle of Aldwych one evening, and I started looking for a replacement.

My original plan was to pick up the two items below. I wanted a tripod that folded up small and was light and easy to carry, but could support my heavy camera.

Slik Pro Tripod

Manfrotto Ball Head

However, I was hesitant to spend over £300 for a tripod considering how rarely I used them. Most of the small light tripods out there can only cope with a few kilos of weight and that is not enough, however I came across the Hahnel Triad on Amazon on-line and it seemed to good to be true.

The technical specs are below:

  • Tripod: Professional Magnesium Alloy 4-section legs
  • Head: Quick Release Ball Head 360º orientation groove
  • Max Op. Height: 1425mm
  • Min Op. Height: 234mm
  • Folded lenght: 562mm
  • Max Tube Diam.: 20mm
  • Max Load: 4kg
  • Net Weight: 1200g
  • Level Type: Bubble

As you can see it is small, just over half a meter folded, roughly the same as the Slik with a head attached and it is very light all things considered, lighter than the Carbon Fibre Slik!

I've been playing with it for about a week now and impressed. As you may have seen, the tripod has a built in 360 degree measure. This makes it very easy to shoot a panorama as the tripod is doing the work for you.

I have also been using it this weekend for some self-portraits, and it is stable and easy to adjust.

There are a few issues with it, it does feel a little flimsy at times, partly because it is so small and light, I'm not sure how it would hold up, fully extended in high wind, but then, a travel tripod has to accept certain limitations. It is also relatively low, even fully extended, but again, it was bought for travel and for being small and easily portable.

One of the nice things is this tripod is capable of holding my camera in portrait mode, something the cheaper tripod was unable to do, which opens up a lot of options.

I have not yet used the upside down macro position, but I look forward to giving it a try....

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A passionate photographer who is unable to settle on a particular type of photography. Primarily shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII, a 1D MKIII and occasionally with a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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