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Mar 01

Yet more camera bodies from Sony.....

So, the photography blogosphere is abuzz with Rumours of some new additional camera bodies from Sony. Considering the existing lineup is below;

A230 - Entry Level
A330 - mid/low level amateur
A380 - mid/low level amateur with extra functionality to the A330.
A500 - Mid range, similar in target audience to the A350, but with more functionality and pixels.
A550 - Enhanced version of the A500
A700 - 'Prosumer'
A850 - Full Frame, entry level professional camera.
A900 - Full Frame professional camera

Adding even more is an interesting move on Sony's part.

A150 - A super cheap DSLR
A950 - 30+ Megapixel Full-Frame DSLR
A1000 - A video capable high-end DSLR

The A150 is a sensible move, Sony's core strength is that they have excellent electronics in the body compared to an equivalent Nikon or Canon.

Two more full frame bodies however is a bold move. The a950 is likely to be the replacement for the a900. Its been out a few years now and is lacking competing technology. Naturally it is an improved megapixel count. The 950 was obviously on the cards, the moment the a800 was released, after all, if you compare the two, aside from the hundreds of pounds of savings, there is not a huge technical difference between the two bodies.

The A1000 is rumoured to be a true professional level dSLR, it is interesting however, that the flagged feature is that it is a vide capable dSLR. No one really cares. Video is a nice bonus feature, its fun and flexible, but really, that's the selling point to people spending thousands of pounds on a still camera? This is an issue Sony have to deal with, even I, a big fan of the Sony cameras, would drop ten grand on Cannon bodies and glass if I won the lottery! Sony need to really do something special if they are going to compete with the 1D Mk3 for example, something that really offers a professional, or an aspiring professional a reason to swap to an upstart camera company.

I will be watching this with interest, I'd love a full frame camera, and the a950 and a1000 will no doubt come with the ridiculously high ISO settings of new cameras, perhaps answering the unflattering comments on noise which have dogged the Alpha range since the a100 and its buggy firmware.

About the Author:
A passionate photographer who is unable to settle on a particular type of photography. Primarily shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII, a 1D MKIII and occasionally with a GoPro Hero4 Black.


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