Shaw Solution

12IN12 - Gear

Consistent Gear:

Canon 5D Mark III: My DSLR.
17-40mm L Series lens: My wide angle landscape lens. I knew travelling through a city, I would be doing a lot of landscape and architecture.
50mm 1.8 prime lens: Aside from the general utility of this lens, I needed something for working in low light, museums or evenings. The f1.8 option allows for quite a lot of flexibility in shooting conditions.
100mm Macro L Series Lens: Instead of the zoom, I brought my Macro lens. With a 100mm focal length it has enough distance to be used in an emergency as a zoom and the Macro option gives some interesting choices for close up work.
Nintendo Switch with Skyrim: Rather than brining my laptop, I brought my Switch to keep me entertained whilst travelling or at the hotel. It also allows me to be less distracted by work or other digital demands on my time.
Little Black Book: I bought a replacement book at the Picasso exhibit in Rome for the Moleskin I have been using as it is perhaps twice the size and I will be writing a lot compared to my normal journeys.
Manfrotto Bag: Whilst I adore my Kata bag, and have taken it to dozens of countries as its patches show, it does not have enough storage space for 3-4 days of clothes and so I have found a new, similarly structure bag with slightly less camera space, but more space for storage.
Ultra-light Toiletries: After a couple of trips with normal toiletries taking up a lot of space, I took a leaf from my ultra-light camping approach and picked up small versions of everything. Amazon provided me with tiny toothpaste tubes, deodorant and toothbrush meaning I am carrying everything I need, but only as much as I need for a weekend away.
Dual dry bags: With the increase in space from the new bag, I could bring two rather than one dry bags so separate clean from used clothes.
4 port USB Charger with rolling cables: I need three charging cables at the minimum, one for the phone, one for the Switch and one for the battery pack. I had been making do with adaptors and long cables that got tangled. I picked up a 4 port USB hub designed for travel as well as one short battery charger and two cables that have a ‘roller’ to keep them tidy. This setup fits neatly in the bag and keeps everything together.
Lens wipesPre-packaged lens wipes for easy cleaning of the camera.
Troika Lilpad Ultra small notepad for bringing to locations which would not allow a backpack.

Winter Wear

Timberland winter boots: Calf high thick leather boots with good soles, they are ideal for long walks in uncertain terrain.
Fingerless Gloves & Running Gloves: I would need some dexterity to use the camera and ideally my phone as well, and my running gloves are perfect for this, but they are thin, and would not stand up to the worse of the weather in Norway. So I used the layering approach and also brought my fingerless wool gloves, to go over them. Whilst this risks the fingertips getting very cold, it ensures when your hands have to be out and working they are, but the minimum is exposed.
North Face Mid-layer: When I London, I picked up a North Face mid layer due to only having a t-shirt and coat at the time. I took this and a thermal long johns with me to Norway as I knew it would be colder than I was used to. Both fold up very small. I also finally learned the lesson of my last two trips to bring something warm so I didn’t have to raid H&M again.
Patagonia body warmer: A staple of my wardrobe at home, thin, light, warm and folds up small and looks good. it is an ideal option for travel.