Shaw Solution

365 Photo Challenge 2009

In 2009 I attempted to complete the 365 day challenge. In the end, I only managed seven months, because whilst some of my themes were a lot of fun, like Red Month, others were extremely dull and uninspiring and I realised I was not taking photographs because I wanted to, and was not making the effort I needed to get a really good image.


London For the first month in my shoot, I will be doing London. I will be taking a shot, each day, which shows some recognisable part of London. This might be something trivial like the Metro newspaper, or something more 'on the nose' like Big Ben.


Images of the decay and change inherent in things.



Where Am I?
A photo taken ever day at 8pm. Where was I that day??



The Colour Red I have chosen to focus on a single colour this month, one which is dynamic and very powerful. Images of iconic red things like sports cars, and phone-boxes are obvious choices, but hopefully there will be some surprises as well. The reason for doing this in September is it is a month with 30 days, and I want to be able to do a neat 5*6 grid of the images to really show off the 'red-ness' captured.


Christmas Images of Christmas-y things leading up through the month!